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Saturday, April 16, 2011

O-o-o-OH-Klahoma!! Part 5 of 5

Yesterday was such a windy day! But everywhere to the north and the east there was pretty bad weather - rain, tornados. Of them came the way of Enid. But we stayed inside all day.
THE question. Probably the most asked question on this trip is... What do you want to eat? Where I live in California, the nearest Sonic is like 4 hrs away. So, I requested we eat Sonic hotdog before I went home. So yesterday was the big day.

After picking up some Sonic, we played Monopoly and Skipbo for the rest of the evening.

I lost at both games of Monopoly... I even had Boardwalk... But I won at Skipbo!

Today we went to Arlington, TX to go to Six Flags! On the drive, we went through Moore, OK. Home of Toby Keith.

It was alot of fun! Among the several rides we went on, we rode The Titan....

And Mr. Freeze.

Then this crazy one where the chairs spin around...

Stopped by Red Robin on the way home. It was a VERY good day.

And that wraps up my trip to Oklahoma. Tomorrow I leave to go home to California. It was such a great trip. Thanks Josh and Shaleese to show me all there was to do in Enid. I love you guys!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

O-o-o-OH-Klahoma!! Part 4 of 5

Today was VERY filled. It was a fun day in Oklahoma City.
First stop was at the Oklahoma City Temple.

It was a windy day.

Next was Lunch time at.......... Leo's!

What the video DOESN'T show is that it is in a pretty run-down part of the city.

Next stop was the Science Museum Oklahoma.

This was in a part that taught how invesigators solve crimes.

Me in a F-16 display.

Josh tried out a different plane display.

"Is this thing broken?"

Even Shaleese had fun.

This was interesting. On one side the coil was warm, and on the other side the coil was cold. But in the middle the coil was interlinked, so it felt like a 'shock' - atleast it did to me.

Josh in the Gemini Display.... He's about to go into outerspace.

'Um... Houston? We have a problem...'

Yes.... just like.....

And... Shaleese was such a good sport to do it too!

This was the only shot I have of the worker. He got very into the whole experience. ALOT of energy.

Shaleese was really looking forward to this one...

Alright kids... sit up for dinner...

Here's a look at the main area.

Upon returning home we had Fh'zookies.(Shaleese, I stole this spelling from your blog on Feb 5th)

Josh had been looking forward to this all week, we finally got'em.

SO yummy.

Look, my brother think he's a funny guy......

... until he introduced me to THIS game.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

O-o-o-OH-Klahoma!! Part 3 of 5

Today was pretty fun too. First off, Shaleese has to work the first half of the day - so me and Josh took off and did a little golfing (you know... a guy thing). With how small Enid is, it has quite a few golf courses to choose from. We went to the Pheasant Run Golf Club. The wind was REALLY strong, but it was fun. We both had some really good shots. We only played the front 9. MY best hole was #7. It was a Par 3. First shot went over the lake and landed on the green. And two-putted to save for par. It was fun.

After golf, Shaleese was off work, and we decided to get lunch at Subway. We took our sandwiches to a nearby park, and fly kites.
Here, Josh was having a little trouble keeping his kite up in the air.

THERE you go!

We even brought Belle out to enjoy some of the nice weather.

Attaching the kites to the fence seemed to be the best way to keep the kite in the air.

"Belle, you wanna try?"

.... not too bad....

While we were flying kites, here a shot I got of some of the training going on at Vance AFB.

One of the things I have come to enjoy when I take a trip, is to look up what restaurants off of the food network channel - will be in the area I am visiting. 45 min from Enid is a place called Eischen's.

Old school.